About Us

Who We Are

Schafer Solutions – an Owner Revolution Inc. company headquartered in Adair, Iowa – is a comprehensive resource for the development, manufacturing and delivery of custom plastic solutions. Our unique services can be designed to help manufacturing companies gain their competitive edge.

Our team is dedicated to helping manufacturing companies perform at the highest level. Our agile approach means that we can execute quickly to deliver the products and services that today’s manufacturing company is looking for.

As an ORI company, our employee owners embrace the corporate-wide culture of PRIDE.

Positive Attitude
Respect for Each Other
Innovative Thinking
Dedication to Success
Enthusiasm for Excellence

What We Do

We view our different capabilities to be services that we can provide to various companies. Whether it’s engineering, production, assembly, warehousing, logistics or any combination there-of, we have the unique ability to help your company perform better.

Our services are completely customizable to meet your company’s specific needs. We are here to allow your company to focus on what it does really well, instead of focusing on the tedious day to day projects that can slow you down. Our goal is to make your company more efficient.

Why We Do It

Our goal at Schafer Solutions is to help businesses perform better, and more efficiently. Whether it’s helping to develop a new product, assembling parts and pieces of a larger product, or warehousing and shipping from our central U.S. location, we have the unique set of services to help any company deliver a high quality product faster than ever.

About ORI

Owner Revolution Inc. is an employee-owned company headquartered in Adair, Iowa. ORI has four wholly-owned subsidiaries including Schafer Solutions, BlueWave, Connect-A-Dock, The Plastic Professionals and Schafer Systems: Connect-A-Dock Inc. has offices in Atlantic, Iowa and sells floating modular dock systems in the worldwide marine industry. The Plastic Professionals Inc. is a leader in plastic rotational molding and mold building. It operates out of a 220,000 square-foot facility in Atlantic, Iowa, producing a number of proprietary products as well as designing and building custom plastic parts for customers nationwide.